Beehive Burner

beehiveWhen I was a kid and teen, these beehive burners were at every sawmill.  I installed a fire LED kit from Evans Designs in this beehive burner.  The burner came from the Walther’s Mountain Lumber Co. Saw Mill kit, which I purchased most of the pieces at a club table sale a while ago.

Initially I painted it brown – rust with orange/red glow on the top from the original plastic grey colour and had it on the module for a few years.

As the original model has a solid top cone, I had to modify the top of the burner to put in grates so the ashes would not fly into the air (and to make an area for the fire to show through).

The picture shows the burner working on my inside corner T-TRAK module.

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More modelling, weathering and some bleachers

first look at coal

Putting real coal on the plastic “coal” load

first weathering

weathering the hoppers, painting to cover the white plastic in the coal hoppers, and the bleacher.


initial view of the hoppers

coal hopper on layout

Coal hoppers on the layout, loaded with real coal and weathered

Leading up to New Years has been quiet, so did some projects that have been waiting to happen.

Had three Intermountain Hopper kits, a bleacher kit, and finally put real coal in my coal hoppers.

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Third Redlands Model Railway Show September 2014

The train show was held on the weekend of 13 and14 Sepember 2014 in Cleveland, Queensland, Australia.

This link  has some pictures of the show.

NHS at the show

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Cleaning Cars

Converted a couple of box cars to cleaning cars, so I can just tow them around the track at times to clean the dirt off the track. BN cleaning carCP cleaning car

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2014 Gold Coast Model Train Show, July 2014

The Gold Coast Model Train Show was held in Arundel at the Gold Coast.  It was a good enjoyable show visited by families and hobbyists.  A link to some photos are here: and my layout starts at photo 44 and ends at 48.

My photos of the layout at the train show.

at show 3 At show 1 at show 2My layout actually the front of the layout at the rear as the “L” fitted better that way.

The yards for train set up was visible to all who looked at the layout from the aisle.


Also advertising the Third Redlands Model Railway Show which is to be held on 13 and 14 September 2014.  The layout will be displayed at this show.



View of the layout from the end.  I suggested to interested patrons go to the rear of the layout to see the front of the layout.  Both adults and children had a good look behind.

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2014 At home

Since the Brisbane Model Train Show in May 2013, the layout has been partially set up at home in various configurations.  This photo shows the layout being prepared for the Gold Coast Show in July 2014.

layout at home3

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2013 Brisbane Model Train Show

The layout was well received at the Brisbane Model Trainshow.  As it is sitting on tables,  small children were able to look at the trains without being held up.  Some pictures of the layout and show can be found on this link: and my layout Notch Hill Subdivision starts at 188 and finishes at 201.

AMRA 2013 A AMRA 2013 BThe layout had 360 viewing to the public.

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